How to Handle Flies and Mosquitoes in Your Home

One of the issues that you are going to face in the Suffolk area when you are a homeowner is a lot of flies and mosquitoes roaming around your house. While they tend to stay outside, they can sometimes come in, and that is when you are going to have problems.

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Perhaps you come into the kitchen and you notice a lot of fruit flies are buzzing around. It might be due to you having a lot of items in your garbage can, which you should be throwing out at least one or two times a day.

Or you have noticed there is a mosquito in your room, and you have a bite as evidence. That is not a pleasant experience. If it happens one or two times, it may be a random incident. Perhaps a mosquito got inside or you left your door open for too long.

But if you are noticing this issue all the time, you are going to want to hire an exterminator. You can get in touch with professionals that handle mosquito control suffolk and they will resolve the problem for you. They will use spray and other methods to get rid of the flies and mosquitoes.

In terms of prevention in the future, you can do many things. With fruit flies, it is good to take your garbage out often. Try to limit the fruits and vegetables you leave on the counter. You can also take some apple cider vinegar, pour it in a shallow bowl, and then put a few drops of liquid detergent inside. That combination will attract and then trap the fruit flies.

Mosquitoes are a little trickier when it comes to DIY methods. What you can do is invest in natural mosquito spray, or you can even look at some DIY ways to create your own spray through essential oils. Spraying this on your body will keep them away.